Background Information

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre is one among the four Zonal Consultant hospitals in Tanzania. It was formally established in 1971 as a Zonal Referral Consultant hospital owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) under the Good Samaritan Foundation of Tanzania (GSF).
The aim was to create an independent legal body which nevertheless is to be permanently linked to the ELCT and Christian Council of Tanganyika. The immediate purpose of the foundation was to be a body capable of establishing the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre.

The referral hospital was established in order to serve the northern, eastern and central zone of Tanzania. Its record in Medical Services, Research, and Education has significant influence in East Africa and beyond. KCMC as a referral hospital is serving approximately eleven million people 11,000,000 in Northern Tanzania as per 2022 census. It is also a national training centre for various medical professionals and Clinical Pastoral Education. The hospital is a complex with 500-800 inpatients in 734 official beds and 40 baby cots and 10 Incubators. There are 1300 staff seeing about 1200 outpatients, 1000 visitors and companions daily. The hospital is hort to more than 2500 students of various medical and paramedical cadres.

Our Beginnings


Our Vision

A super specialized hospital touching and changing lives.

Our Mission

To provide accessible, reliable and people-centered high-quality health care services, training and research outputs.

Our Core values

We are guided by our mission to improve the health of our patients and community through innovation, and excellence in care, education, research and service.


We pursue superior performance and quality to build and preserve the Hospital’s clinical and organizational strength.


We are devoted to providing a warm, friendly and caring environment in which patients can recover and get well soon.


We are dedicated to offering patients and their families quality and efficient health care and medical services.


We are an institution that inspires our staff and personnel to achieve the extraordinary and develop the best careers.