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CPA Hilda J. Mungure

Director of Finance

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CPA Hilda Mungure is an accomplished finance professional with a passion for healthcare. With over two decades of experience in financial management, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to KCMC Hospital. As our Director of Finance, Hilda is committed to ensuring the financial health of our institution while supporting our mission to provide exceptional healthcare services to our community.

Professional Background:

Hilda Mungure is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a proven track record in financial leadership. She obtained her CPA certification from a prestigious institution and has continuously expanded her skills and knowledge to stay at the forefront of financial management practices. Her career journey has seen her excel in various financial roles within the healthcare sector, making her an invaluable asset to KCMC Hospital.

Key Responsibilities:

As the Director of Finance, CPA Hilda Mungure is responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of KCMC Hospital. Her responsibilities include:

➤ Budget Management: Leading the budgeting process and monitoring financial performance to achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

➤ Compliance: Ensuring the hospital's financial operations adhere to all regulatory and compliance standards, providing transparency and accountability.

➤ Financial Reporting: Generating accurate and timely financial reports for internal and external stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making.

➤ Resource Allocation: Optimizing the allocation of financial resources to support the hospital's mission and objectives.

➤ Resource Allocation: Optimizing the allocation of financial resources to support the hospital's mission and objectives.

➤ Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating financial risks to protect the hospital's assets and reputation.

A Passion for Healthcare:

What sets CPA Hilda Mungure apart is her unwavering commitment to the healthcare industry. She understands the unique challenges and opportunities that healthcare organizations face and is dedicated to driving financial excellence to enable KCMC Hospital to continue delivering top-notch care to our patients.

Personal Touch:

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Hilda is known for her approachable and collaborative nature. She believes in fostering a positive work environment and building strong relationships with her colleagues and team members.

We are proud to have CPA Hilda Mungure as our Director of Finance at KCMC Hospital. Her financial acumen, dedication to healthcare, and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable leader in our organization. Together, we look forward to achieving new heights in healthcare and financial management.

If you have any financial inquiries or wish to discuss our financial operations, feel free to reach out to CPA Hilda Mungure. She welcomes the opportunity to connect with our patients, staff, and community members.


The following Units follows under DF Directorate.

  • ➤ Chief Accountant Office

  • ➤ Revenue Department

  • ➤ Final Account Department

  • ➤ Expenditure Department

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CPA. Amos Chambega

Chief Accountant



Amos Chambega, a dedicated Certified Public Accountant (CPA), serves as the Chief Accountant at KCMC Hospital. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to financial excellence, Amos plays a pivotal role in ensuring the financial well-being and accountability of KCMC Hospital.

Professional Expertise:

Amos brings a unique blend of financial expertise and healthcare industry knowledge to his role as Chief Accountant. His key responsibilities include:

➤ Financial Stewardship: Amos is entrusted with overseeing the hospital's financial health, managing budgets, and implementing sound financial strategies to support the hospital's mission of providing top-quality healthcare services.

➤ Compliance and Reporting: He meticulously ensures that KCMC Hospital adheres to all financial regulations and reporting requirements, guaranteeing transparency and accountability.

➤ Strategic Planning: Amos plays an integral role in the hospital's strategic planning processes, offering financial insights that guide the institution's growth and sustainability.

➤ Cost Management: He employs cost-effective measures to optimize the allocation of resources, allowing the hospital to deliver high-quality care while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Commitment to Excellence:

Amos Chambega's dedication to excellence extends beyond his professional expertise. He is known for his unwavering commitment to the hospital's mission of providing compassionate and effective healthcare to the community.

Amos is not just a numbers person; he is a compassionate and approachable professional who values teamwork and collaboration. His ability to communicate complex financial information in an accessible manner makes him an asset to both the financial department and the broader hospital team.

At KCMC Hospital, we are proud to have Amos Chambega as our Chief Accountant. His financial acumen and dedication to our mission are instrumental in our continued success as a healthcare institution.

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Head of Revenue Department


Cajitan Ngowi, a highly accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA), serves as the dedicated Head of Revenue Department at KCMC Hospital. With a profound commitment to financial stewardship, Cajitan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our institution.

Leadership and Expertise

As the Head of Revenue Department at KCMC Hospital, Cajitan leads a team of finance professionals in,

➤ Financial Planning and Budgeting

➤ Revenue Cycle Management

➤ Financial Analysis

➤ Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

➤ Financial Forecasting

➤ Team Leadership

➤ Financial Strategy Development

➤ Audit and Financial Reporting

➤ Technology and Systems Management

➤ Stakeholder Communication

➤ Patient Financial Services

➤ Cost Control

These responsibilities collectively contribute to Cajitan's role in ensuring the financial health and sustainability of KCMC Hospital while aligning financial practices with the institution's mission of providing excellent healthcare services to the community.

Passion for Healthcare and Community Impact

What sets Cajitan apart is his unwavering commitment to the healthcare industry and its profound impact on the community. He understands that financial stability is crucial to our ability to provide exceptional care to our patients and serve the community effectively.

A Vision for the Future

Under Cajitan Ngowi's capable leadership, the Revenue Department at KCMC Hospital is poised to achieve new heights of financial excellence. His vision for the future includes implementing innovative financial strategies that will not only sustain the hospital but also enable us to expand our services, reach more patients, and continue making a meaningful impact on the healthcare landscape.

Feel free to reach out to Cajitan and his team at the Revenue Department for any financial inquiries or to learn more about our hospital's financial management.

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CPA. Evetha Ngowi,

Head of Final Account Department



Evetha Ngowi, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), serves as the Head of the Final Account Department at KCMC Hospital. With an unwavering commitment to financial excellence and healthcare sustainability, Evetha plays a pivotal role in ensuring the hospital's financial health, transparency, and compliance with industry standards.

Current Position

Head of Final Account Department (2019 - Present)

In her current role, Evetha oversees the financial management and accounting functions of KCMC Hospital, a healthcare institution dedicated to providing quality medical services to the community. She is responsible for managing the hospital's financial records, finalizing accounts, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Her meticulous attention to detail and strategic financial planning have contributed significantly to the hospital's fiscal stability.

Key Responsibilities:

➤ Financial Reporting: She oversees the preparation of accurate and timely financial reports, providing valuable insights to hospital management for informed decision- making.

➤ Compliance: Evetha ensures that the hospital adheres to all financial regulations and standards, including those specific to the healthcare industry, fostering trust among stakeholders.

➤ Budgeting and Forecasting: She actively participates in the budgeting and forecasting processes, helping the hospital allocate resources effectively to achieve its mission.

➤ Financial Analysis: Evetha conducts in-depth financial analysis to identify areas for cost optimization, revenue enhancement, and process improvement.

➤ Audit Preparation: She plays a pivotal role in preparing for audits, working closely with external auditors to ensure a smooth and transparent audit process.

Passion and Commitment:

Evetha Ngowi's expertise and dedication are instrumental in ensuring the financial health and sustainability of KCMC Hospital, making her a valuable asset to the institution and the community it serves.

For inquiries related to financial matters at KCMC Hospital, you can reach out to Evetha Ngowi.

Evetha is not just a financial expert; she is also deeply committed to the hospital's mission of providing high-quality healthcare to the community. Her dedication to financial excellence aligns perfectly with the hospital's commitment to patient care and well-being.

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Henry Mlay

Head of Expenditure Department



Henry Mlay is a dedicated and accomplished professional who serves as the Head of the Expenditure Department at KCMC Hospital. With a wealth of experience in financial management and a commitment to excellence, Henry plays a pivotal role in ensuring the hospital's fiscal health and responsible allocation of resources.

Professional Background:

Henry brings over a decade of experience in financial management to his role at KCMC Hospital. He has a proven track record of optimizing financial processes, controlling expenditures, and contributing to overall organizational success. His expertise encompasses budget planning, cost analysis, and financial forecasting.

Commitment to Excellence:

Henry is known for his unwavering commitment to excellence and his ability to streamline financial operations for maximum efficiency. He works tirelessly to identify cost-saving opportunities without compromising the quality of patient care. Under his leadership, the Expenditure Department plays a crucial role in ensuring the hospital's financial sustainability.

Key Responsibilities:

As the Head of the Expenditure Department, Henry Mlay oversees a range of responsibilities, including:

➤ Budget Management: Henry is responsible for developing, monitoring, and managing the hospital's budget. He ensures that financial resources are allocated wisely to support various departments and initiatives.

➤ Cost Control: Henry is adept at identifying areas where cost savings can be achieved without compromising patient care standards. He works closely with department heads to implement cost-effective strategies.

➤ Financial Reporting: Henry prepares and presents financial reports to hospital leadership and stakeholders. His reports provide valuable insights into the hospital's financial performance.

➤ Strategic Planning: Henry collaborates with the hospital's leadership team to develop financial strategies that align with the hospital's long-term goals and mission.

➤ Compliance: He ensures that all financial practices adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, maintaining the hospital's financial integrity.

Vision for KCMC Hospital:

Henry Mlay is committed to contributing to the continued growth and success of KCMC Hospital. He envisions a financially stable hospital that can expand its services, improve patient outcomes, and provide cutting-edge healthcare to the community.

Henry Mlay's leadership in the Expenditure Department is instrumental in ensuring that KCMC Hospital remains a trusted healthcare provider with a strong financial foundation. His dedication to fiscal responsibility and patient-centered care makes him an invaluable asset to the hospital's team.