Courses Offered In Department Of Diagnostic Radiology and Medical Imaging

The Radiology Department has made big strides towards fulfilling its teaching function since the inception of KCMC in 1971. KCMC is the only place in Tanzania with Diagnostic radiology training programme. The department is coordinating all studies and related research activities concerning medical imaging.

Various training opportunities being offered on this Department are listed below:-

  1. Short Course In Diagnostic Ultrasound

  2. A three-month certificate course in DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND is being offered by the department to candidates with clinical knowledge. Such people include trained nurses, nurse midwives, clinical officers and doctors.

  3. AMO Radiology

  4. A two-year advanced diploma course in DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY for qualified Assistant Medical Officers is being offered by the Kilimanjaro School of Radiology under the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

    The school was opened in 1993 and so far 45 students have graduated since 1995 and are currently working in various District and Regional hospitals in Tanzania including Zanzibar and also in various countries of Africa like Zambia, Botswana and Malawi.

    The school enrolls 5 students per year and 9 students are currently in training.

  5. MMed in Diagnostic Radiology

  6. Following its elevation to a University College status in 1997, a four-year course programme in DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY for MD graduates is being offered by the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College of the Tumaini University since 1998.

    The current practice is to acquire residence training by course work and thesis. 5 residents have graduated so far since 2002 and are practicing radiology in various public and private institutions within the country.

    Nine (9) residents are currently in the programme including a foreign resident.

    In addition to regular training programmes, including a radiology rotation for third year MD undergraduates, elective periods for residents and short-term fieldwork for radiographers are also being offered. We also teach Physiotherapy students and general Assistant Medical Officers students.

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  7. Research Activities and Publication

  8. The quality of clinical work and teaching profits a great deal from research activities. Since the inception of the KCM College in 1997, Radiology Department members have produced over 50 scientific papers and lectures. These are mainly concerned with common health problems such as tuberculosis; HIV/AIDS, infertility, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart diseases, blunt abdominal trauma, stroke, head injuries, urethral stricture and many others. Many research projects are being done with collaboration between staff and residents at KCMC and many other researchers from within and outside Tanzania.