Casualty/Outpatient department

Head of department: Dr. Francis Sakita

Casualty/Outpatient department is the entry point to KCMC. In other words, it is the face of this famous institution, and perhaps the busiest department. All patients, emergencies and nonemergencies, referrals and self-referrals must pass through this department which operates for 24 hours. The department receives emergencies, either brought in directly or referred from other health units within and outside the catchments area of KCMC, and from the neighbouring countries. Referrals for specialized services pass through casualty/OPD.

The goal has always been to attend all patients regardless of their colour, faith, race, economic status, etc. at all times. The spirit of team work, sharing knowledge and ideas has made the unit stand.The vision is to make the department a centre of excellence in emergency medical care. The department receives an average of 80 to 100 patients a day. In spite of the very small space, it has been possible to attend all these patients.


  • Attending to all emergencies brought in
  • Consultations to either referred or self-referred patients and to those coming for follow up.
  • Interdepartmental consultations
  • Counseling and testing services done by trained counselors within the department
  • Teaching to medical students,nurse studentsand visiting foreign students
  • Collection of samples from patients and sending them to the laboratory.

Clinics in The Department

Clinic TypeDate
Medical ClinicMonday and Friday
Surgical ClinicTuesday and Thursday
Orthopaedic ClinicTuesday and Thursday
Obstetrics and Gynaecology ClinicMondays, Wednesday and Fridays
PaediatricsTuesday and Thursday
Diabetic ClinicWednesday and Friday
Dental ClinicDaily except Mondays
IDC/CTCMondays, Wednesday and Fridays
CCFCCMondays, Wednesday and Fridays
Occupational TherapyMonday to Friday
Reproductive HealthTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Cardiac ClinicWednesday monthly
Adolescence ClinicMonday and Wednesday