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Mr. Stephen E. Kolimba

Director of Human Resources Management and Administration


Mr. Stephen Kolimba is an accomplished and dedicated professional who serves as the Director of Human Resources and Administration at KCMC Hospital. With a wealth of experience in the fields of human resources, administration, and healthcare management, he plays a pivotal role in nurturing a positive work environment and ensuring the hospital's efficient operation.

Key Responsibilities:

As the Director of Human Resources and Administration, Stephen oversees a wide range of critical functions at KCMC Hospital:

➤ Human Resources Management: Stephen is responsible for attracting, retaining, and developing the hospital's most valuable asset - its talented staff. He implements innovative HR strategies to ensure the hospital's workforce is skilled, motivated, and committed to delivering the highest standards of patient care.

➤ Administration and Operations: Stephen efficiently manages the administrative operations of KCMC Hospital, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. His meticulous attention to detail helps streamline processes, optimize resources, and enhance the overall efficiency of the hospital.

➤ Strategic Planning: Stephen is an integral part of the hospital's leadership team, contributing to the development and execution of strategic plans that position KCMC Hospital as a leading healthcare institution in the region.

➤ Compliance and Ethics: Stephen is deeply committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines in the healthcare industry.

A Commitment to Excellence:

Mr. Stephen Kolimba's commitment to excellence, compassionate leadership, and strategic vision make him a vital asset to KCMC Hospital. He believes in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and teamwork to provide patients with the best possible care.

Beyond the Office:

When he's not dedicating his time to KCMC Hospital, Stephen enjoys volunteering in community health initiatives and mentoring aspiring healthcare professionals. He is also an advocate for work-life balance and well-being, encouraging both staff and colleagues to lead fulfilling lives outside of work.


The following Units follows under Human Resources Management and Administration Directorate .

  • ➤ Department of Human Resources

  • ➤ Department of Administration

  • ➤ Department of Estate Management

  • ➤ Department of Hospital Engineering

  • ➤ Department of ICT

  • ➤ Department of Hospital Security

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Mrs. Dorah Olotu

Head of Department of Human Resources



Welcome to the KCMC Hospital's profile of Mrs. Dorah Olotu, our esteemed Head of the Department of Human Resources. With a commitment to excellence in healthcare and the well-being of our dedicated staff, Mrs. Olotu plays a pivotal role in shaping the workforce and fostering a positive workplace culture at KCMC Hospital.

About Mrs. Dorah Olotu

Mrs. Dorah Olotu is a seasoned HR professional with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades. Her journey in the field of human resources has been marked by a strong dedication to people, growth, and organizational success. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management from a prestigious institution and continually invests in her professional development to stay at the forefront of HR best practices.

Key Responsibilities:

As the Head of the Department of Human Resources, Mrs. Olotu oversees a wide range of critical functions:

➤ Talent Acquisition and Recruitment: Mrs. Olotu and her team work tirelessly to identify, attract, and retain top-tier talent to ensure that KCMC Hospital is staffed with exceptional professionals.

➤ Employee Development and Training: She is dedicated to nurturing the potential of our employees through comprehensive training programs, skill development initiatives, and career advancement opportunities.

➤ Employee Relations: Mrs. Olotu fosters a harmonious workplace environment by addressing employee concerns, promoting diversity and inclusion, and implementing effective conflict resolution strategies.

➤ Benefits and Compensation: She ensures that our employees are rewarded fairly and that their benefits packages meet their needs and expectations.

➤ Compliance and Legal Matters: Mrs. Olotu is responsible for ensuring that KCMC Hospital operates in full compliance with labor laws and regulations, protecting both the organization and its employees.

➤ Workplace Culture: She is a driving force behind cultivating a positive and inclusive workplace culture that values teamwork, innovation, and employee well-being.

Mrs. Olotu's Vision:

Mrs. Dorah Olotu envisions KCMC Hospital as a place where every employee feels empowered, valued, and motivated to deliver exceptional healthcare services. Her strategic leadership in the Human Resources Department contributes directly to the hospital's mission of providing compassionate, high-quality care to our patients.

Under Mrs. Olotu's guidance, KCMC Hospital aims to be an employer of choice, attracting and retaining the best healthcare professionals in the industry. Her commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with the hospital's dedication to patient- centered care.

At KCMC Hospital, we are proud to have Mrs. Dorah Olotu as the Head of the Department of Human Resources, leading the charge in nurturing our greatest asset – our people.

Connect with Mrs. Dorah Olotu:

Mrs. Olotu welcomes open communication and collaboration. If you have any inquiries, suggestions, or would like to learn more about our HR initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact her at [email address] or [phone number].

At KCMC Hospital, we are proud to have Mrs. Dorah Olotu as the Head of the Department of Human Resources, leading the charge in nurturing our greatest asset – our people.

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Madam Lilian Marialle

Head of Department of Administration



Welcome to KCMC Hospital, where excellence in healthcare meets exceptional administration. At the heart of our organization's efficient operations stands our Head of Department of Administration, Madam Lilian Marialle. With a wealth of experience and unwavering dedication, Madam Marialle plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of our hospital.

About Madam Lilian Marialle:

Madam Lilian Marialle is a distinguished professional with a profound background in healthcare administration. Her career spans over two decades, during which she has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and management skills. Madam Marialle's journey in healthcare administration has been marked by an unwavering commitment to patient-centric care and operational excellence.

Professional Achievements:

➤ Strategic Leadership: Under Madam Marialle's guidance, our hospital has streamlined administrative processes, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced patient experiences.

➤ Team Development: Her commitment to nurturing talent has led to the growth and development of a dedicated administration team, which plays a crucial role in maintaining our hospital's high standards.

➤ Patient-Centered Approach: Madam Marialle has been instrumental in implementing patient-centered policies and procedures, ensuring that every aspect of the hospital experience is designed to prioritize patient well-being and satisfaction.

➤ Compliance and Regulations: With her meticulous attention to detail, she has ensured that KCMC Hospital complies with all relevant healthcare regulations, promoting a safe and ethical environment for both patients and staff.

➤ Innovation: Madam Marialle is a proponent of innovation in healthcare administration, constantly exploring and implementing cutting-edge technologies and best practices to improve hospital operations.

Vision for KCMC Hospital:

Madam Lilian Marialle envisions KCMC Hospital as a beacon of excellence in healthcare administration, setting new standards for efficiency, patient satisfaction, and compliance. She remains committed to advancing our hospital's mission of providing high-quality healthcare services to our community.

A Message from Madam Lilian Marialle:

"I am honored to be part of the KCMC Hospital family, and I am deeply committed to ensuring that our administration department operates at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. Our patients and their well-being are at the center of everything we do. I look forward to continually improving our services and contributing to the overall success of our hospital."

Connect with Madam Lilian Marialle:

At KCMC Hospital, we are proud to have Madam Lilian Marialle as the Head of Department of Administration, driving our commitment to excellence in healthcare administration.

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Mr. Nicodemous Sisti




Mr. Nicodemous Sisti is a dedicated and highly experienced professional who serves as the Head of the Department of Estate Management at KCMC Hospital. With a strong commitment to excellence and a deep passion for ensuring the efficient operation and maintenance of the hospital's physical infrastructure, Mr. Sisti plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our healthcare institution operates smoothly.


As the Head of the Department of Estate Management, Mr. Sisti oversees a team of dedicated professionals responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and development of the hospital's physical assets. His responsibilities include:

➤ Infrastructure Management: Ensuring that the hospital's infrastructure is well- maintained, safe, and compliant with all relevant regulations and standards.

➤ Asset Optimization: Identifying opportunities to optimize the use of hospital assets, including space, equipment, and utilities, to enhance operational efficiency.

➤ Budget Control: Managing the department's budget effectively to allocate resources efficiently and maximize cost-effectiveness.

➤ Environmental Sustainability: Implementing eco-friendly practices and initiatives to minimize the hospital's environmental impact.

➤ Safety and Security: Ensuring the safety and security of both patients and staff by maintaining a secure and well-monitored environment.

Commitment to Excellence:

Mr. Sisti is deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and service in estate management. He and his team work diligently to create a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for our patients, visitors, and staff.

Personal Attributes:

Mr. Sisti is known for his strong leadership skills, attention to detail, and excellent problem-solving abilities. He is approachable and always willing to collaborate with other departments to achieve common goals.

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Eng. Rodrick Shangali




Eng. Rodrick Shangali is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in hospital engineering and facilities management. As the Head of the Department of Hospital Engineering at KCMC Hospital, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of our healthcare infrastructure.

Leadership and Expertise:

Eng. Shangali's leadership skills are exemplary, making him a respected figure in the field of hospital engineering. He leads a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, overseeing the maintenance, repair, and enhancement of our hospital's critical systems and infrastructure. His expertise extends to:

➤ Medical Equipment Management: Eng. Shangali ensures that all medical equipment is functioning optimally, adhering to strict safety and quality standards.

➤ Energy Efficiency: He spearheads initiatives to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability within the hospital, lowering operational costs while minimizing our environmental footprint.

➤ Emergency Preparedness: Eng. Shangali plays a crucial role in disaster preparedness and response, ensuring that our hospital is equipped to handle any unforeseen challenges effectively.

Commitment to Patient Care:

Eng. Rodrick Shangali's work directly impacts patient care at KCMC Hospital. His unwavering commitment to ensuring the reliability and safety of our facilities contributes to the well-being and comfort of our patients. Under his leadership, we can confidently provide a high standard of care to those in need.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement:

Eng. Shangali is known for his innovative approach to hospital engineering. He consistently seeks out cutting-edge technologies and best practices to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our healthcare infrastructure. His dedication to continuous improvement aligns with KCMC Hospital's mission to provide world-class healthcare services.

Collaborative Approach:

Eng. Shangali fosters collaboration among various departments within the hospital, ensuring that engineering solutions are aligned with the needs of medical staff, administrators, and patients. His ability to communicate complex technical concepts in an accessible manner promotes teamwork and shared goals.

Eng. Rodrick Shangali is a dedicated professional whose leadership and expertise are instrumental in maintaining and improving KCMC Hospital's infrastructure. His commitment to patient care, innovation, and collaboration make him an invaluable asset to our organization. We are proud to have him as the Head of the Department of Hospital Engineering, ensuring that our hospital remains a beacon of quality healthcare in the region.

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Mr. Mack Denning

Head of Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Mr. Mack Denning is a dynamic and visionary leader with an extensive background in information technology and healthcare systems. With a career spanning over two decades, Mr. Denning has been a driving force behind KCMC Hospital's technological advancements and innovation.

Leadership and Achievements:

As the Head of the Department of ICT, Mr. Denning has successfully led his team in achieving several notable milestones, including:

➤ Implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR): Under his guidance, KCMC Hospital transitioned to a paperless system, improving the accuracy and accessibility of patient records.

➤ Telemedicine Integration: Mr. Denning spearheaded the integration of telemedicine services, enabling our hospital to provide remote consultations and healthcare access to patients in remote areas.

➤ Data Security and Privacy: He has prioritized data security, ensuring that patient information remains confidential and protected in accordance with the highest industry standards.

➤ Technology Infrastructure: Mr. Denning has overseen significant infrastructure upgrades, ensuring that our hospital remains at the forefront of technological advancements in healthcare.

Vision for the Future:

Mr. Denning envisions a future where our hospital continues to embrace innovation, leverage data analytics for better decision-making, and enhance patient care through the latest advancements in ICT.

Collaborative Approach:

Mr. Denning believes in collaboration and works closely with medical staff, administrators, and external partners to ensure that our ICT solutions align with the hospital's overall mission of providing high-quality patient-centered care.

Community Involvement:

Outside of his role at KCMC Hospital, Mr. Denning is actively involved in community initiatives aimed at improving access to healthcare services in underserved areas. He is passionate about using technology to bridge healthcare disparities.

We are proud to have Mr. Denning as the Head of our ICT Department, and we look forward to the continued advancements and successes he will bring to KCMC Hospital in the future.

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Benson Ulomi

Head of Department of Hospital Security



Mr. Benson Ulomi is a seasoned professional in the field of hospital security, with a career spanning over two decades. He brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and expertise to his role as the Head of the Department of Hospital Security at KCMC Hospital.

Key Responsibilities:

As the Head of the Department of Hospital Security at KCMC Hospital, Mr. Ulomi is responsible for:

➤ Safety and Security Management: Mr. Ulomi oversees the development and implementation of security policies, procedures, and protocols to safeguard the hospital's premises, patients, and staff.

➤ Team Leadership: He leads a highly trained and dedicated security team, ensuring they are equipped to handle any security-related challenges efficiently and professionally.

➤ Emergency Response: Mr. Ulomi plays a crucial role in emergency preparedness and response, working closely with other hospital departments to ensure a coordinated and effective response in times of crisis.

➤ Technology Integration: He is at the forefront of integrating advanced security technologies, such as surveillance systems, access control, and alarm systems, to enhance hospital security.

➤ Training and Development: Mr. Ulomi is committed to ongoing training and development programs for his team, ensuring they stay current with best practices and emerging security trends.

Passion for Safety:

Mr. Benson Ulomi is driven by a deep passion for the safety and well-being of all individuals within the hospital's premises. His dedication to maintaining a secure environment allows patients and their families to focus on healing while hospital staff can carry out their critical work without worry.

At KCMC Hospital, we are proud to have Mr. Benson Ulomi as the Head of our Department of Hospital Security, ensuring that safety remains our top priority.