KCMC International Office is a Communication Centre within the hospital, dealing with all the foreign students applying to come for their elective/s rotation or for Volunteer/s who wish/es to come for voluntary work within the hospital.


Contact person: Director of Hospital Services Or: Aneth R.Nkya who work for the Director of Hospital Services (same email address below)
Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre
PO Box 3010
Moshi, Tanzania
Telephone: +255 27 2753228
Email: international@kcmc.ac.tz and kcmcinternational@gmail.com

Application Information

Please work directly with KCMC International Office for your application process by contacting them directly and providing them with the following information:-

  • Full name, sex, date of birth, nationality and medical year detail
  • The sending university or hospital information
  • Designate the start and end dates that you would like to rotate at KCMC
  • Designate the department that you would like to be placed in (your first and second choice)
  • What are your objectives for this elective rotation
  • Email or send your Curriculum Vitae and your academic
The designated staff will then corresponds with you directly.

Elective Period

On the first day of checking in, students reports to the KCMC International Office for registration and all the paper work. They will be assigned to one clinical department which they chose and will be part of all the work of that department. “Doctors/students who are not registered with the Medical Council of Tanganyika are prohibited by law from providing direct patient care”. Be assured, however, that they will be important members of the clinical team and they will be exposed to all aspects of Tanzanian healthcare. This is an experience we provide for them of a lifetime. Students should bring with them their name tag, white coat, stethoscope and other clinical tools. They will be expected to work alongside the other residents, students, Assistant Medical Officers, and nurses as appropriate. KCMC has a weekly clinical conference for all medical staff, which attracts international speakers as well as local talent. Other seminars and workshops may also be taking place so we encourage them to attend.

We accept medical students who are in their 4th year or above and Nursing students who are in their 3rd year or above to come for their attachments for not more than 3 months and also not less than 4 weeks

Department offered:-
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Dermatology
  • Urology
  • Dental
  • Eye Nose and Throat
  • Occuoational Therapy
  • Orthopedics
  • General Surgery
  • Anaesthesia
  • Nursing
  • Pathology

Applicants from any recognized university medical school will be considered. Preference is given to universities with which KCMC has collaboration links. In order to benefit from the international ambiance of KCMC, a maximum of two students from any one university will be given places at the same time. Depending on the time, sometime 4 students from the same university can be accepted. Extended safaris should be planned before or after an elective period. Please note that KCMC receives many applications than there are places available so students are advised to apply a year in advance to be sure of an attachment. It may take a month to receive a reply so please be patient. If, however, you have not had a reply after six weeks, assume email failure and try again.

English is the language of teaching and recordkeeping but applicants should note that Swahili is the national language of Tanzania and that most patients only speak Swahili.

Students wishing to carry out research projects may submit proposals but due to the complexity of obtaining ethical clearance and the pressures on human resources in this setting, approval can be difficult and objectives are not always easy to achieve.


Accommodation on the compound is simple, but we hope that you will be comfortable and feel free to ask for assistance where needed. Accommodation will be in a single/double room within the KCMC Doctors compound. Housing is clean and functional. All houses have 4 bedrooms (3 doubles and 1 single) with 2 bathrooms and 1 shower. It also have kitchen, dining room, living room and outside verandah.

The Compound is approximately 400 metres from the main hospital building, and is a 15 minute easy and safe walk, but it can be both very muddy and very hot depending on the season of the year. Students should arrange to arrive at KCMC Mon – Fr between 8:00am and 2: 00pm. They should report to the International Office within the Information Center (outside the main hospital building). If they arrive in Moshi after 2:00 pm, they should not come to KCMC unless they have been told in advance that there are rooms waiting for them. They can stay in one of the hotels in town and then report to KCMC the next morning if it is an official day. We answer every email. If they do not hear from us, they should try again as there might be some technical problems. Tanzania is a developing country and once in a while mails get lost. Our email address is: kcmcinternational@gmail.com , If they cannot get through with email they might ring directly +255 27 2753228

Domestic Help

There will be someone to help you with domestic cleaning of the house and washing. For the extra service of laundry, ironing, shopping, as well as cooking if you request it, she will probably speak some English and is willing to help in any way she can. Her working hours are from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm, Monday to Friday (or Saturday) but she will be happy to adapt to your needs. For the extra service you will then have to pay her extra money by just negotiating with her. Note that all clothing MUST be ironed after drying in the open air, because of mango flies, which lay their eggs in the fibres.


The electrical system is based on a standard British model 240volts so you can use British appliances but you will need a transformer for appliances of any other voltage. The Moshi electricity supply is fairly reliable although voltage can be a bit erratic, and there are occasional power cuts. So make sure you have a torch and candles to hand. A surge protector is a good idea if you plan to use your computer. The electricity is pre-paid service. Students within the house will organize within themselves on how much to buy depending on their consumption. The housekeeper will help them on how to top up and sometime they can organize with the housekeeper to go and buy the electricity for them. In order for the electricity units to stay long, students should make sure to switch off all the unnecessary things like water heater, lights etc.

Drinking water

The water on the compound comes from KCMC's own borehole and is safe to drink without having to be boiled (but you may be happier if you do so). (Please note that elsewhere in Moshi and Tanzania you must always boil your drinking water or use bottled water.)


A Tanzanian visitor’s visa should be obtained in your country of origin by contacting the Tanzanian embassy or consulate. The visitor visa costs $50 to 100 depending on which country students are coming from. They will then get a a business visa at airport or any boarder in Tanzania.For those who will stay at KCMC more than 90days they will get assistance for registration once they have arrived in Tanzania with the help of the KCMC International Office. In order to register them with the local authorities (Immigration) they need to bring the following:

  • 6 clear colored(recently taken) passport size photographs,
  • copy of passport details(one photocopy which shows your photograph, one photocopy which shows the date of when you entered Tanzania - This copy you do after arriving in the country
  • A detailed CV - Curriculum vitae,
  • Copy of academic certificates or academic transcript records
  • Recommendation later from your University


You will be require to pay:-
  • $ 200 as registration at KCMC per person and per department
  • $ 150 per month per person for accomodation
  • $ 200 for student pass which you will apply after arriving at KCMC with the assistance of KCMC international Office
  • If you wouldn't have applied for entry Visa, you should then expect to buy the Visa at the airport around $ 50 to $100 depending on which country you are comming from
  • You should expect to pay for your own pre-paid electricty as per your consumption (Have at least about $60 to $80 per month)
  • You should also expect to pay any necessary medical expenses during your stay
  • Please bring along the money in cash. There is no need to send any money in advance

Church Services

You will be made most welcome at any Church Service either at KCMC or elsewhere in Tanzania, even if you do not understand the language. KCMC has its own Lutheran Chapel, which was built in 1998. You will find the building near the main entrance to the hospital. Staff prayers in Kiswahili are held each weekday morning at 7.30am. On Sundays there is an English service in the Chapel at 8.00 am, followed by a Swahili service at 10.00 am. There are also Catholic Services held at KCMC. During the week these services are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 5.30 pm in the Small Assembly Hall on the ground floor of the hospital. On Sundays an English service is held at 7.30 am and a Swahili service held at 10:30 am in the main Lecture Hall. There are many other Christian churches in Moshi, including Anglican and Pentecostal, as well as meeting places of other faiths. Do please ask if you would like to know more.

Changing Money

There are several banks throughout Moshi with ATM’s that work as long as there is power. But also there are some ATM machines just outside the KCMC gate. There is exchange bureau attached to the KCMC International Office and some multiple exchange bureaus in town and offer rates that are sometimes better than the banks. Do not bring traveller’s checks. We understand that Barclay’s is an international bank in town that has an agreement with Bank of America to not include any extra ATM fees with a withdrawal.


The town of Moshi is quite large and contains shops and business which should cater for all your daily needs. The prices will usually be somewhat lower than you are used to and the choice will be more restricted. You don't have to go into town to find basic foods and fresh fruit all are available near to the compound at Uptown Grocery, or in the roads just below the main hospital gate. Fruit and vegetables can be bought from roadside vendors, for a very reasonable price. You need to learn some few Swahili words on the names of the fruits and vegetable as most of these sellers by the streets will not be speaking English though are without exception friendly and helpful, so don't be afraid to try talking to them! Good frozen meat and fish are available in big Supermarket like Nakumat or Uchumi. Tanzanians are without exception friendly and helpful, so don't be afraid! Within the hospital and the college, there are also 2 canteen where you can buy breakfast/lunch/early dinner which is not more than $ 2 – 3. The canteens normally ends around 17.30hr.


You will be asked to sign for the key you are given on arrival and again when you return it at the end of your stay. Please keep your door key on you at all times and ensure that the house is locked when you are out. Your housekeeper also has a key, so she can gain access when you are out in order for her to clean though you may say no if you don’t want your room cleaned. The main compound gate is constantly manned and the compound patrolled 24 hours a day by KCMC guards (askari). Occasionally you may hear or see a guard at night. They all wear a blue uniform. The house has fluorescent security strip lights outside, and these should be left on all night to assist the guards in their work. Having said this, KCMC is a safe place and there is very little crime. Do not invite someone you don’t know into the compound.

Health Information

A result of the altitude of Moshi, 900 metres, changing of the weather as well as the climate sometime you may not feel well. Something like a tummy upset is not uncommon but is probably no more of a problem than a tummy upset anywhere else in the world. It is a good idea to avoid wayside food stalls, and to wash all fresh food carefully. We advise you take your malaria prophylactics during your stay (and when you return home). If you have a serious health problem during your stay, please come directly to the KCMC Emergency Medicine for check up.