Introduction and Background Information

The otorhinolaryngology is also known as ENT. It has a bed capacity of 24. It is a tertiary healthcare facility located close to the eye department. Among others department it has been an important integral part of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical center since its inception in 1972. It was started by ENT surgeon Dr. Simo Suukari from Finland. The department is composed of five unites, namely clinic, ward, theater, audiology and speech therapy unit. Clinic are conducted daily on Monday to Friday. Theater sessions are conducted from Monday to Friday.
Our Philosophy is: To provide quality care for patients as professionals to advocate responsibility, participation in outreach services and teaching.


  1. To maintain good interpersonal relationship between staffs, students, and patients.
  2. To provide quality care for patients
  3. To ensure proper documentation of all activities done.
  4. To emphasize on continuing medical education.
  5. Renovation of department infrastructure.

Future Plans

  1. To develop sub specialty among the general ENT specialist in otology, rhinology, head and neck surgeries.
  2. Renovation of the ENT theatres, clinic toilet and ward.
  3. To contiue working efficiently in order to raise the revenue collection for the hospital and for the department as well.
  4. To continue strengthening solicited collaborations with various international donors and individuals in providing quality care for the patients and capacity building.

HOD: Dr. Peter Shija


Our Core values

We are guided by our mission to improve the health of our patients and community through innovation, and excellence in care, education, research and service.


We pursue superior performance and quality to build and preserve the Hospital’s clinical and organizational strength.


We are devoted to providing a warm, friendly and caring environment in which patients can recover and get well soon.


We are dedicated to offering patients and their families quality and efficient health care and medica services


We are an institution that inspires our staff and personnel to achieve the extraordinary and develop the best careers.