Payment Information

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre uses different billing systems and patients could receive bills from various departments for one procedure or visit. Some bills might not be payable online or accepted at the payment office. This page is designed to help you make your hospital payments securely and on time. Currently, KCMC bills can be paid through major credit and debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

At KCMC, we also accept Insurance Covers from major insurance companies such as: AAR, NHIF, Jubilee, NSSF and many others. If you are funding your treatment via your private medical insurance, please be aware that you will need to confirm that your insurer can cover your planned treatment, with your chosen consultant and at our facility.

If your treatment is not covered, KCMC offers very competitive self-pay options (including flexible ways to fund your treatment with our finance partners). At KCMC, we work with major private medical insurer companies and a wide range of international insurance providers. However, claim processes differ from insurer to insurer. For full clarity on the cover and the requirements to make a claim, please contact your insurer.

Payment Options

➤ Self-Funded Treatment

If you choose to pay for your own care, our hospitals accept all major credit cards, cash, bank transfers and personal cheques with a banker's card.

➤ Private Medical Insurance

If you have private medical insurance, we advise you to confirm with your insurer that your treatment is covered and get authorisation before making an appointment.

➤ Corporate-Sponsored Patients

If we have agreed for your company to cover the cost of your healthcare, you'll need to provide a letter of guarantee authorising payment for your tests or treatment.

➤ Government-Sponsored Patients

If you're being sponsored by an international embassy, you'll need to ensure we are provided with a letter of guarantee before your appointment to cover your treatment.

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