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The Amo - Anaesthesia Program

This training program formerly used to enroll Medical Assistants (MA) from 1984 until 1996. Currently it is designed to enroll AMO (Assistant Medical Officers). It is under the Ministry of Health. To be considered for this course, application should be sent to the MOH, Permanent Secretary, attention Director of Human Resources and Development with a copy to the Principal of the School.

The Course lasts 2 years and an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sciences (Anaesthesia) is awarded by the Ministry of Health on successful completion of the course.

Basic entry qualifications

Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) or Equivalent for Foreign candidates.

Joining Instructions And Conditions For Amo Anaesthesia Course.

  • Starting date: 1st October
  • Course conclusion: July/ August of the second year of training.
  • Accommodation and Boarding is at KCMC.
  • Annual Course Fee breakdown in T Shs.
    • *Tanzanian Government Sponsored Cost Sharing Fee 200,000
    • *Tanzanian Private Sponsored Cost Sharing Fee 400,000.00
    • Foreign Students (US Dollar) 3,895

    *Excludes Books, Research and Field work costs which the student or sponsor will cover over the cost sharing fee.

  • Student should provide his/her own outfit pocket allowance. At Moshi it is approximately Tsh. 15,000 per week.
  • The School fee to be paid in advance by Telegraphic Transfer or Cheque to
    • For Tanzanian Students
    • Anaesthetic Officers Account, Nelson Mandela Microfinance Bank, Account. No. 6503000529 Moshi, Tanzania.

    • For Foreign Students

      Anesthetic School Account, Kibo NBC, Account No: 6901000656, Moshi.

  • Student on arrival should have the following documents:
    • Valid Identity card from his/ her Employer
    • Updated Curriculum Vitae
    • Application letter for the course by the student (hand written)
    • Confirmation letter of the training support by the sponsor
    • Letter of acceptance for the course from the Institution
    • 4 Passport size photographs

  • Basic Personal Facilities
    1. Stethoscope (1)
    2. Blood pressure machine (1)
    3. Laryngoscope set (1)
    4. White medical Coat (2 pairs)
    5. Theatre Dress (2 pairs)
    6. Theatre Boots (1 pair)
    7. Wrist watch
    8. Note Books and pens
    9. Bed Sheets including a Blanket
    10. Mosquito net

Note: Items 8,9 and 10 can be locally purchased.


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